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When is an Appraisal survey needed ?

There are several circumstance in which an Appraisal survey may be needed:
♦ to obtain financing for the purchase of a boat
♦ estate settlements
♦ donations
♦ legal issues other than above

Technically, this survey is equivalent to the Insurance (C & V) survey. Note that all documentation should be aboard the vessel – proof of ownership, registration or license etc.

The survey may be commissioned by an individual, financial institution, or other implicated party.

How much will an Appraisal survey cost ?

Normally the surveyor will provide an estimate of the survey fee after asking you a few questions about the boat.

Some of the factors which affect the fee are: age of the vessel, type and material of construction, length overall, type of propulsion, whether or not a recent previous survey report is available for review, whether or not the surveyor has to prepare the boat for survey (cleaning, sorting out gear etc.), going up the mast etc.

One of the best ways to ensure the fee will be the lowest possible is to prepare the boat for the survey. It should be clean, all non-essential items that may impede the surveyor should be removed. All covers should be easily removable, all lockers & compartments under berths etc, should be emptied.

Travel further than 250 km from Ontario is charged at reasonable rates. On longer trips, payment for travel may be required in advance.

Who gets the report ?

The report is emailed or snailmailed to the entity commissioning the survey.

Who pays the fees ?

The entity commissioning the survey pays the fees.

Other questions ?

If you have other questions, please do not hesitate to contact
me by email or telephone.