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When is a Damage Assessment survey needed ?

Should your boat be damaged in any way, no matter what is the cause, or who is the cause, you and/or the insurance firm implicated may commission the surveyor to make an assessment of the extent of damage, advise the repairs required and estimate the cost of repair. Frequently the surveyor may be asked to attempt to determine the cause of the accident. And the surveyor will sometimes be asked to follow up as repairs progress.

Who gets the report ?

The report is emailed, faxed or snailmailed to the entity commissioning the survey.

What if you disagree with a part of the report ?

A Marine Surveyor has to maintain his or her integrity, and report all conditions he/she witnesses aboard the boat. However, the entity commissioning the survey has every right to question any part of the report. A revisit to the boat may be required.

In the event of a dispute amongst the parties, the party initiating the dispute may wish to obtain the services of his/her own surveyor.

How much will a Damage Assessment survey cost ?

The fees vary greatly, depending on extent of the damage and the specific services required. As a general statement, the fees will be in the range of $8 to $15 per foot LOA.

Travel further than 250 km from Ontario is charged at reasonable rates. On longer trips, payment for travel may be required in advance.

Who pays the fees ?

The commissioning entity pays the fees. This is appropriate as the surveyor is working on his/her behalf.

Other questions ?

If you have other questions, please do not hesitate to contact
me by email or telephone.